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Keeping Your Brick, Stone and Render Clean and Regularly Maintained

Looking after your building with regular cleaning services can be a lot of effort to keep up with. Especially if you’re juggling internal and external cleans alongside your regular workload. We’re taking the hassle out of your building maintenance by offering brick, render and stone cleaning as one of our fully-managed cleaning services, which we look after alongside whichever additional services you require.

Whether you have a modern or period building, all property is likely to suffer from the constant exposure to:

  • weather
  • moss growth
  • algae growth
  • traffic
  • and other atmospheric pollutants
  • general wear and tear

Over time, the surfaces can become discoloured, resulting in a black/green appearance. This discolouration can dramatically reduce the visual appeal of the building, both internally and externally. As a result, this can also have an adverse effect on its structural integrity over time.

We offer professional external cleaning to restore the beauty of your property. Additionally, to safeguard any developments, we recommend that an annual inspection should be carried out on the site.

Qualified and Safe Brick, Stone and Render Contract Cleaning

The best way to ensure minimised risk of atmospheric and/or structural damage to the building is regularly cleaning and maintenance. It also ensures the original appearance, colour and architectural details are maintained and well preserved. Our cleaning services also extend to high-level brick, stone and render cleaning, carried out by our IPAF and PASMA qualified cleaning operatives.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your render, stone and brick cleaning requirements, please get in touch, or request a free assessment of your site.

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